Wednesday, June 03, 2009

No, STILL no news

I am really bad at waiting. I mean, really really bad at it. If we could afford marital counseling, I'm sure one of the things that would get repeatedly discussed and anaylized and an action plan created for, would be the different internal rhythms by which Don and I live our lives. Mine is pretty fast. Which is kind of odd, since I'm an introvert by nature and can happily spend hours reading, listening to the ocean, or just chilling out with my loved ones and a bottle of wine. However, when I need to get things done, am working on a project, or WAITING for something to happen, my little internal chronometer is tick, tick, ticking away. I hate waiting in line, for anything. I REALLY hate waiting for someone to get back to me with information that I need in order to make something else happen, which needs to happen in order for something else to happen. Not being too cryptic here, am I? This whole house selling process is torture - not just for the sheer work involved in the preparation of it, but then the waiting around for someone to call, to see, to decide, to make an offer, or not. Those of you who knew me then, remember how bad I was with the whole waiting to get pregnant thing? But at least with that, there was something I could do. (heh, heh) Now, there are lots of things I'd LIKE to be doing, but can't because I'm WAITING for someone else to make decisions about the things which will affect me and my family for years to come. I suppose I'm supposed to be learning something through all this waiting time - but one of the main things it's reinforced is that I'm wired quicker than this and I don't like it. I do not like it, Sam I Am.

You know what I do like, though? Watching the boys play baseball. Particularly Scooby's team this year. He's moved up to the "minor leagues" which means they have umpires, and can steal bases, and scores count and everything. He had a game on Sunday which I sat and watched for 2 hours, and loved almost every minute of it. The weather was perfect, the boys on both teams were earnest and trying really hard, but being really good sports about everything and some excellent plays were happening on both teams. Scooby's team was ahead by five runs until the last inning (they only play 6) and the other team made four runs pretty quickly. It was down to the last out and they had the bases loaded. We had to put in a substitute pitcher for the last batter (the kids are only allowed 75 pitches to save their arms) and he managed to strike him out and win the game. It was great! Scooby is still not a confident player - he plays right or left field when he's not on the bench, and our big goal for his last couple of games is to get him to SWING the bat when he's up, but he's still enjoying it and the other kids on the team and his coaches are terrific. It's been a great year for baseball.


M.M. said...

I know exactly where you got your inner being!!
Mom, can't you sit down? No I have to do this! Are you going to work all night! Be quiet I have to finish this first!
Whine---when can I go to the ocean? When can I swing on my swing and read? Frustrating, huh?
Hang in there.

Blackbird said...

One way to take some of the pressure off would be to find a short-term rental in your preferred school district and sign up now for a 3-month period beginning on a date certain (how about July 20, for example?) That way you, and the kids, and Don, will know exactly where you're going to be and when, which gets rid of a lot of the angst right away. You can take your time finding something permanent that you like in Virginia, and you can decouple the house sale from the move. It'll be a little more expensive than moving directly from one house into another, but then the timing doesn't have to be exactly perfect, and you can move on with the things that you can control without having to wait for anyone else. Except Don.

Sawdust said...

Or, you can just revert to the activities you undertook while waiting to get pregnant.

CassandraMadeIt said...

I agree with Sawdust, those activities are good for stress or so I hear.
You're doing amazingly well with the house selling. Obviously, God wants this to happen. Our homes, unlike yours didn't move. One is still on the market, 4 years later... our first nibble was more than 6 months in. So you can relax. God's got this one!

Melissa said...

I like Blackbird's idea, pain in the butt though it seems. That's what my friend Lisa did when she moved her family. It sounded a little nuts, but it worked.

And don't worry, I inherited the inner beast, er, being too!!!

M.M. said...

Listen to your sister.Well listen to them both, well while you are at it listen to your father. Hmm that could be the dangerous one.

Blackbird said...

Who are you calling a pain in the butt?

Amy said...

Um, okay, I'm still getting around the idea that my dad's telling me to have sex.

Melissa said...

If you ever...!