Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday, Tarzan!

It was a Lego birthday this year, and although I scaled down from last year's Webkinz craziness, enough went into it to wipe me out.
Below is the "Pin-the-Happy-Birthday-Timmy-Badge-on-the-Lego-Man" game
Lego cake, courtesy of Granny. Don't know why the picture is sideways, and it took too long to load to do it again. Just tilt your head. And pretend it says Tarzan.
Lego cookies, also courtesy of Granny.
I can't believe Tarzan is 7! He's such a little ball of energy, whipping from one activity to the next. He's teaching himself to juggle, and is pretty adept with two balls right now. It may not sound like much, but you try it - it's a lot harder than it sounds! Very adept at entertaining himself, whether it's playing catch with his mitt and ball, reading, playing on the computer, or playing with, yes, Legos, he's rarely at a loss for something to do. A very sensitive heart beats beneath that skinny ribcage. He loves hard, and cries when touched or when confronted with loss. He is also, however, RESILIENT. A word that we've been exploring as a family. He will grieve his losses and move on, ready to laugh again, love again. Not much for extended cuddling, but quick to give hugs and kisses. He easily finds the humor in life, and when there isn't any, he's make his own. My little middle child - how I love you.

Tarzan and Granny


M.M. said...

He is a love and so special. He makes us laugh over past events or sayings and even when we don't see him for ages, we feel like he is right there with us.

Blackbird said...

How can he be 7 already? He's turned into a pair of giraffe legs with a big smile on top. Give that boy a chocolate-covered donut.

Melissa said...

We middle kids are pretty cool...Happy birthday, Tarzan!

jerrine said...

Love the cake! Happy Birthday T. and Happy almost Birthday D.

Sawdust said...

Can't wait to see you Tim. Oh yeah -Scooby & what's her name too. Happy Birthday.