Friday, October 03, 2008

How I understand the economy

Here's some writing about the economy that I can understand. No, I didn't write it, but it sure resonates with me!

I watched the debate last night. Can't say I was overly impressed with either candidate, but Palin made me laugh ("Say it ain't so, Joe!) and even if she's not necessarily VP material, I'd love to hang out with her. Maybe we could carpool our kids to hockey. Oh, wait. My kids aren't ever going to be allowed to play hockey. Oh well, there goes that brush with fame.
In other news, I'm LOVING our new DVR. It's totally going to spoil me. We only have it for a year (great sign-up deal)and I don't know how we'll ever go back!


SMNYC said...

I'm SO avoiding the VP commentary. But amen on the DVR.

J said...

I think part of the problem with politics is that too many people base their judgements on the whole "I'd like to have a beer with that guy" thing. Frankly, if I had to come up with an ideal person to be president, I probably wouldn't like them on a personal level. I think the kind of attitude and personality traits that go into a really good leader aren't necessary the traits that would make me want to befriend the same person.

And while I do think Palin would be tres entertaining at a party, I think that in no way qualifies her to do anything besides being tres entertaining at a party.

Just my unsolicited $0.02.

Amy said...

Cheese. I went and done mentioned something positive about Palin. Please note - I did say I didn't necessarily thing she was qualified for anything presidential, I just said she made me laugh, and I'd like to hang out with her.
Don't hoist your petards so fast, boys.

J said...

Sorry - I wasn't implying you felt that's just something I hear a lot of people "around the water cooler" (I WISH we had a water cooler here) talking about, and it irritates more than an entire beach in one's swimsuit. You just reminded me, that's all.

Oh, and I had to look up what a petard was.

SMNYC said...


Blackbird said...

The petard is located just to the left of the bippies.