Friday, February 22, 2008

No School - Again!

Another snow day...and it's raining outside. Who the hell makes these decisions and what are they smoking when they do???? Between snow days, conference days, and President's day, the kids have gone to school a total of 11 days in February. I've got a nasty cold, and was really counting on some peace and quiet today, but it wasn't meant to be. They're outside playing in the slush right now, and will probably all have colds by Monday.
This is going to be a pretty whiny post, so if you're done listening to me whine, stop reading now.

Still here?

Okay, I warned you.

There is something wrong with my hip. It's been bugging me for about a month, and it's steadily getting worse. I think it's some kind of tendon or bursa thing, because I can feel it pulling when I stretch it, and it gets a little better if I walk for a half hour or so. However, if I try to teach choreo, it flames up and hurts like a bitch. Also, when I had all-over body aches two nights ago with this cold, my hip felt like it was onfire. So what gets inflamed when you're sick?

Also, how long to I need to wait for Pitt to contact me before I send a politely impatient email? They said after February 15th...but not how LONG after. It would be nice to plan my life.

Sigh. Snow and rain, go away. Don't come back.


Melissa said...

Are you stretching regularly? Don't neglect the ITB! Have you considered a veterinarian?

Anonymous said...

It's an itis of some sort - bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis. None of them have a cure - at least not one you'd want to contemplate. Go with Advil, and maybe a heating pad. My hips have been killing me when I dance - Irish hips are not meant for Latin movement. Welcome to middle age.