Friday, March 10, 2006

A Day Off

Today I went nowhere. Except for a walk around the block pulling Cinderella and Tarzan in the wagon. I did spend a strangely exhorbitant amount of time on the phone or email, doing work-related stuff, but the kids were unusually cooperative and it really wasn't painful at all. The same day that I lost a cast member of Godspell, I gained a potential new (possibly better, in that he's a guy which is what I really needed for the part anyway) one. I folded two loads of laundry and put away a total of 5 - there were three that have been waiting for a couple of days. I played Superheros in the backyard,and snuggled Scooby and Tarzan on the couch while watching educational television. (Although I really do find Arthur entertaining, and architect Frank Gehry was the "guest" for this episode, teaching the kids about treehouse design. It was pretty cool. Sidenote - how do you do that when you're already in parenthesis, LW? Did any of you see last weeks entry on Bringing Up Ben and Birdy? Very thoughtful and somewhat disturbing references to another Arthur video. I really recommend reading Catherine Newman's blog, and book "Waiting for Birdy")
Where was I?
Oh, yes. We had chocolate bananas for dinner and squashed grapes in a strainer to make our own grape juice. (Scooby's idea) Everyone had a drizzle. I talked to a friend for an hour on the phone after the kids were in bed. I sorted Cinderella's clothes and put the ones that were too small in the attic, and packed a box of borrowed ones to mail back to their rightful owner.
I put Cinderella on the phone with Grandma and Grandpa and got to listen to her say "Hi-yo, Pa Pa! Hi-yo!" for about 5 minutes at full volume.
I wore sweats and slippers all day.
Yes, my life is nuts. Yes, the pressure is all still there.
But today was a day off.

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Linnie said...

I don't know how to handle parenthetical comments within parentheses, really. I usually go wild with the dashes, or hyphens, or whatever you're supposed to call them. I guess you could use brackets and parentheses in sequence--I think that's what's supposed to happen.