Monday, January 14, 2013


Timmy's home today - we've both been courting sore throats for a couple of days, and last night his turned into a barky cough.  Both strep and flu are going around his class, but there's no fever at all, and aside from the bark he doesn't really feel terrible.  So no Dr. visit, just a day at home.  Hopefully that won't turn out to be a mistake! I'm worried about work - I'm working from home today, but if all the kids get it and I have to miss more work, there's going to be trouble.  Plus the kids have no school Monday or Friday of next week, and I have to figure that out too.  Having a job is a pain in the butt. 

On the happy side of homesick, I got a package from Mom today with random left-behinds from Christmas.  Some undershirts of Don's, one glove, a toy horse that Santa forgot to leave under the tree, and some random food items.  Made me smile.

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