Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June recap

I thought it was time for a redesign.  Here are some pictures from the recent adventures we've had.

This is from the cubscout camping trip we did in May.  It was at North Landing State Park and was really a nice site.  I'd go there again - no jets, just roosters in the morning.  (They sound kind of freaky when you don't know what they are!) The sunsets were spectacular.

The kids made and flew kites.  I love this picture.

Sitting at the campfire.

Watching the sunset, which somehow didn't show in this picture. 

W had a really bad windstorm one night and this was the house across the street.  There were trees and branches down everwhere.  Amazingly, we only lost our one shutter that keeps falling off every time there's any wind at all. I was definately scoping out the safest place to hide in our house (the downstairs bathroom.  It would have been cozy!)

Cinderella was named citizen of the month for June, for the quality of "trustworthiness". 

The kids on Tarzan's team got tough guy facepaint for their last game.  Tarzan has struggled at bat, but this game he had two great hits.  The second one was his best of the season...unfortunately, it was also the one where the other team's second baseman scooped up the ball and tagged out the runner - ending the game 4-3.

Cinderella went to the zoo with her class.  This is an empty cage where the kids can pretend to be monkeys.  We had a fun time together, although it was very hot.

Scooby tested for his purple belt in TaeKwonDo - here he is doing some punches.  The ceremony is on Saturday.  After this he only has blue, high blue, red, high red, brown, high brown and jr. black to go!

Tarzan crossed over to Webelo scout.  After Webelo comes Webelo 2, then boy scout.

Tarzan turned 9! He had a video game themed party, with Angry Birds water balloon games, a Wii tournament and a PacMan cake.  The ghosts are frosted marshmallows, the maze is blue licorice and the dots are chopped up Reeses Pieces.

Blowing out the candles.  I can't believe he's 9! He got a couple new DS games which he loves, a big-kid sized Hippity Hop, new swim goggles, a skim board, a swimsuit, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cheese-Touch game, a Lego set, and several gift cards.  He's a pretty happy kid this week.

Don and Monkey recovering from the festivities.  One more birthday party to go, then we'll be hitting the road.  Pittsburgh from June 19 - July 1, Norwood from July 2 - July 10, Westford from July 11 - July 21st or so.  Don will be with us for the second week in Pittsburgh and the first half of the Norwood trip.  Can't wait to see everybody!

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Melissa said...

Happy vacation! Hope its more restful than it sounds...