Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I need alone time

So.  Two Mondays ago Tarzan had a fever and stayed home from school - meaning he came to school with me.  Last Thursday was a snow day and all the kids came to school with me.  Friday, Scooby got the crud and came to school with me.  He was sick all weekend and I sent him to school Monday hacking up a lung.  I'm sure the teachers love me.  Yesterday and today, I've got Cinderella with me.  And, I don't feel so hot. 

Also on Monday, we found out Scooby got into the Tidewater Science Fair.  Pretty big deal, all day event, cash prizes available.  Yay! Oyster land not over yet.

Also on Monday, Scooby had his first counseling session.  Not really sure what is supposed to happen, but I guess it went okay.  She was circling around ADHD - I guess they hear that a lot - but I think I convinced her that's not what's going on.  We left with homework strategies that we've tried a billion times before, and an appointment for next week.

Yesterday, Tarzan, Scooby and Don went to the Planetarium with cubscouts.  Cinderella and I stayed home.

That's about it.  School, fevers, stuff.


Melissa said...

Can you hide in the bathroom?

CassandraMadeIt said...

I hear chocolate in large doses gives the sensation of euphoria... might be there's like a week in the Bahamas stored in one dark chocolate bag.

Melissa said...

I hear the fevers are gone!

Melissa said...

Are you done being alone yet?