Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy July

Sorry I haven't been posting more. I have been ridiculously busy with summer theater camp at Regent, choreographing and teaching dance classes. It's going well, but I am WIPED OUT at the end of the day. My time of solitude, quiet house and not doing laundry every day is coming to an end, as I'm off to Pittsburgh tomorrow to pick up the kids from Super-Granny's house. I'm planning on driving straight through on Sunday to come back, as I start rehearsals for MacBeth and have tech week for summer camp starting Monday night. At least Don doesn't have to work, so I have one more day kid-free to get my bearings. Also getting a cold, so driving all day should be fun. Happy fourth, wishing we could be in Norwood!


Melissa said...

Missed you - it was fun, but wish you could have come too. Next time?

M.M. said...

We missed you all. Enjoyed talking to you.
Dad enjoyed having you call him and wish him Happy Birthday.
We had a wonderful dinner with Melissa and J at the GranView, where we used to go after the proms.
A good birthday lunch with Lisa too.