Thursday, June 03, 2010

Beating my head against the wall is so much fun

Dear (Unnamed Gifted School) Staff;
I am once again writing on behalf of my son, Scooby Dunlap, who is currently placed on the waiting list for Unnamed Gifted School. As the school year draws to a close, I felt the need to contact you once again and ask you to keep Scooby’s application fresh in your minds, should an opening be found for next year’s sixth grade class.
Scooby has continued to excel academically, achieving Principal’s List for the second and third quarters of the school year. He is on track to reach this level again for the end of the year, and he is very proud of his accomplishments. He has recently begun taking Tae Kwon Do lessons, which are giving him an excellent opportunity to strengthen his confidence, self-discipline, and physical coordination.
I remain convinced that a placement at Unnamed Gifted School would absolutely be in Scooby’s best interest. After speaking further with the Gifted Program coordinator at Current Elementary School, Mrs. So and So, we are both in agreement that Scooby’s social and emotional developmental needs, as well as his academic needs, will be better met at Unnamed Gifted School than at Regular Middle. In the event that a spot does not open, I would ask that you make an exception and create a new spot for a student who will ultimately be an asset to your school, as much as your school will be a benefit to him. I have never before been so persistent in the pursuit of a placement for my child, but such is the strength of my conviction in this matter that I felt it necessary to contact you again. I have sent a copy both of this letter and my previous letter to Dr. Head of all Gifted Programs in VA Beach as well.
Once again, I thank you for your patience and consideration in this matter.

It's on days when I do stuff like this that he drives me completely up the wall with his behavior. Grrr....

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Well done!