Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

I'm off to class!
Actually, I'm off to orientation, chapel, meet and greet lunch, more orientation, part of one class, and then general auditions.
Saturday's potluck went okay. It was inside due to the torrential rains. There were lots of kids there, which was good, but between the acoustics of being inside a very large room and lots of kids bouncing around, I missed about half of the introductions. Everyone will have to get to know each other again today. There are many married students in the graduate dept., and several of them have kids. There are at least three other students older than I of them is a grandmother just starting the undergrad program!


M.M. said...

Yahoo! you are on your way!
Did someone take a first day of school picture?(Against the dining room doors)?

Melissa said...

Did you feather your hair? Glad you get to be the youngster - it all sounds very exciting!

Blackbird said...

Did you remember to go potty before you left? Don't lose your mittens. Watch out for the big scary dog that lives next to the bus stop. Don't forget your milk money. Don't hang upside down from the monkey bars if you're wearing a skirt. Don't lose your lunchbox. If you make friends with the big kids, they might let you squat in front of the school building's heat vents with them.

SMNYC said...

Have fun.