Monday, May 18, 2009

So now...

Kudos to Lisa for noticing that the "staging" of the house uses the same plant in every room!

So we came to an agreement on the price, signed the contract and are now waiting for the house inspection, FHA inspection, radon inspection, pest inspection and appraisal to happen sometime in the next 15 days. Hoping all goes well!!!!

I spent last night and today painting the basement floor, which hurts no matter how you do it, and we're working on a few last touch up jobs before the inspectors come. I'm sure they'll have more for us to do! Just hope it's not more than we can handle.

On Friday we dropped Scooby off at baseball and Tarzan, Cinderella and I went to the "mini-prom" at their school (fundraiser for cancer research) As we left the parking lot, Tarzan (after dancing like a wild-man the whole time, air guitar and all) said "I have to admit it, Mom. That was fun."


Melissa said...

Any occasion in which one gets to wear a tiara has to be a good one.

M.M. said...

Cute kids! What's with Timmy's new hairdo?
Re: staging of your house,all three shots were in the kitchen. Why wouldn't there be only one plant?

M.M. said...

Whoops! Just took the featured tour! Nice plant. Nice cozy dinette too. Looks better with play dough on it!

Blackbird said...

Is that Don's bow tie from your wedding? Did Emily and Nick head over to the beach for an after-prom? Did Timmy kiss Hannah again? Did anyone spike the punch?