Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twenty Dollars

I dragged a huge shopping bag and box full of books to Half-Price Books today, and they gave me $20 for them all. Eh. At least I cleaned off some space on my bookshelves - and I decided to consider it a $20 gift card and promptly spent it right back. Snow today, supposed to snow tomorrow. Hopefully it will clear up a little during our drive time this weekend. I'm looking forward to this trip to DC/Virginia, but I'm kind of nervous too. So many things can happen on road trips, and this is the first time that Don will be traveling back alone with the kids. I do it all the time, but it's new for him. Hopefully the DVD players will be working and it will be an uneventful drive.

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Ron said...

I love Half-Price Books and go there all the time, but last month I brought them a volume of commentaries that cost me about $150.00 for the set and still in mint condition, but all they would offer me was 5 bucks (I was expecting 10 haha). Apparently the author's works are in public domain and everyone's reading them for free online (but the books are so beautiful). So I kept them. Oh well...I still love Half-Price Books.