Friday, February 02, 2007

Long overdue pictures

Here are some photos from Christmas and post-Christmas. Since I somehow posted them in reverse order and can't figure out how to change them, you get the most recent ones first.
Tarzan hanging out on the couch, and no, he wasn't posing for the picture

Beach Day at preschool

Fashionista Beach Day!

We're all doing well here. Scooby got 100% on the Roberto Clemente book report he worked on throughout the month of January. He had about 15 essay questions to answer (essay being used loosely here - each one consisted of one or two complete sentences, with capitalization, spelling, grammar, etc.) a picture of Clemente to draw, and a puppet to make. He chose to make the puppet out of a drinking water bottle, and filled it with kidney beans (since Roberto was a "black American, Mom") and then covered it with a white sock which he decorated to resemble a Pittsburgh Pirates uniform. It turned out really cute, and I think he was very proud of it. It earns him another Pizza Hut coupon, which he's also quite thrilled about. This month's book report is about animals. He has chosen meerkats, and has to do a writing portion, a map, and a three dimensional figure. But NOT out of play-doh. Apparently there have been some bad experiences with play-doh in the past. I wonder if Floam is acceptable?

Uncle J and Tarzan - the matching shirts say "I do all my own stunts"

Cinderella and "Papa"

Aunt Melissa playing Mom's new harp

Tarzan and Cinderella are working on writing their names, learning all about Groundhog Day (GO PUNXATAWNY PHIL - let's hope he's right for a change), making snow globes, and enjoying their classmates. Tarzan went to a bowling birthday party last week, and Cinderella has requested a playdate with "Alana...because I love her." As you saw in the photos, they also had "beach day" in their classrooms - and it was about 12 degrees outside! Tarzan spent the entire rest of the day in his bathing suit as well.

You've gotta love these posed holiday shots - don't the kids all look happy?

This didn't look blurry before I posted it. Oh well.

I've been on the treadmill almost every day, but still not back up to 3 miles. The advantage of running outside is that once you've gone 1.5 miles halfway, you're pretty committed to finishing that 3 miles if you ever want to get home. On the treadmill it's way too easy just to turn it off! But, I'm using it, and there's no way on God's earth that I'd be running outside in this weather!!!
Hope you're all doing well. When am I going to read anything new in East Providence Zoo???

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What a beautiful family! I'm not too partial, of course!